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Existing Landlords/Investors

For those of you who are already Landlords and those who may wish to become one. There is a way to invest in real estate without the typical hassles associated with real estate management of your investment. It is not necessary for you to go through the trouble of learning the complex issues involved with the Landlord and Tenant Act, you hire a reputable Firm for property administration in Ottawa to take care of your investment property. These rules are complex and not to be toyed with if you want your investment experience to be seamless. The low cost of management (especially being a tax deduction) is simply not worth the risks or effort of disrupting your personal life enjoyments in any way whatsoever.

Please click on the link to our sister company Plum Financial Group for investment advice on the purchasing of real estate with the purpose of creating a Rental Income for your retirement. Find out how you create two incomes in one investment and learn how to leave your loved ones with the legacy of a continuing income for their lives, without much effort on your part.

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