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At Centa Real Estate we are aboveboard in all our transactions.  Property owners have the option to log into our online record keeping and access information on their properties at their convenience.

Advertising Your Ottawa Rental Properties

We advertise our properties through our own website and through our various partners. Together, this collaboration has helped Centa Real Estate place thousands of tenants into wonderful rental properties. We have over 40 years of experience with Property Administration in Ottawa, and are eager to put our experience to use for your benefit! Offering top quality, professional Landlord Services in Ottawa can ensure that concerns or questions are promptly responded to – ensuring both tenant and owner satisfaction!

Frequently Asked Questions For Property Owners

What type of investment/rental properties does Centa Real Estate Manage?

We manage a diversified portfolio of apartments, individual condominiums, houses, townhouses, duplex, non-profit housing, and commercial and office buildings in the Ottawa area including Nepean, Kanata,  Orleans, Hunt Club and Barrhaven.

What are the fees? What else do you charge for?

Our fees are generally based on a percentage of the revenue generated from your property. A minimum monthly fee may apply. Please fill out our Request for Proposal Form or contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with an individual quotation for your review as well as all the information you need about our landlord services in Ottawa. 

We are regulated under the Real Estate Act of Ontario and the fees and charges outlined in your Service Agreement are allowable with the client’s prior written approval.

What is the rental rate for my unit and how long will it take to rent?

Take advantage of our FREE evaluation service by completing and submitting our online Rental Rate Request Form to get an idea of the current market rental rate for your property. In certain circumstances, we might need to view the unit to provide a fair assessment of the rent amount.

What criteria do you use to choose a tenant?

We require a very detailed application form from each prospective tenant in your unit and we conduct credit bureau checks, verification of employment and previous tenancies. No tenants are accepted unless they have passed our strict criteria.

How often are investment properties inspected?

Rental Properties

There are no extra charges associated with the regular site visits and property conditions inspections conducted by our experienced Property Managers. At a minimum, we will inspect your property when a new tenant moves in, six months after the tenant has moved in and, providing there are no extenuating circumstances or problems, every year after the initial six months. We also survey the tenant(s) periodically and inspect the property when tenant(s) completely vacate the property (i.e. move out).

What are your pet policies?

Individual Rental Units:

Pet policies are determined on an individual basis by the owner and/or applicable Condominium Corporation by-laws in consultation with the Property Manager. 

Do you manage furnished suites or furnished houses?

No, we only manage unfurnished properties.

Will you do tenant placement only and then let me manage it?

No, we only provide full management services.

Why do I need to pay a caretaker if I have a Property Manager to manage my rental building?

The presence of an onsite caretaker or resident manager cannot be quantified in terms of safety and security of the building as well as tenant retention and satisfaction. The onsite caretaker or manager is always available to show any vacant suites and deal hands-on with any emergency situations.  This provides an enormous level of comfort for your tenants. The caretaker or manager are extensively trained and supervised by our Property Managers.

What do you do if a tenant does not pay rent?

We are very diligent with rent collection and it is administered per all allowable avenues under the Residential Tenancy Act commencing with immediate notice given to the tenant. If rent is past-due, the tenant will be given notice as allowed under the Residential Tenant Act.

How do you manage problem tenants?

We often find that by acting as an independent third party, we are able to resolve most tenant disputes through communication and negotiation to ensure everyone is treated fairly and equitably. We are experienced and familiar with all landlord’s rights and remedies under the Residential Tenancy Act and comply with the act on all disputes.

Who goes to arbitration at the Ontario Housing Tribunal – I hear it is a challenge?

We do anticipate, with careful tenant screening, that only a few matters will ever come before the Ontario Housing Tribunal, but if this case does arise, our Property Managers have many years of experience in preparing for and appearing before arbitrators.

Do you assist Non-Resident Investors with taxation?

In an effort to assist the clients to pay less tax up front, Centa Real Estate agreed to act as NR6 agents to allow the owner to only pay taxes on 25% of the net income (which means rental income less projected expenses).

Who do I contact for more information?

Please fill in our Request for Proposal and submit it online to our office. Someone will contact you shortly to provide more information that is specific to your needs and your property.

Maintenance Policy For Property Investment Owners

At Centa Real Estate we strive to understand the particular maintenance requirements of all of the properties we manage and to provide property owners with the best landlord services in Ottawa. In consultation with the property owner, we provide the following:

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Our qualified Property Managers and certified/bonded Tradespeople work to ensure that your property stays in prime condition.