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A pioneer in the establishment of rental income for retirement in Ontario since 1982
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We make investing in real estate as easy as buying a term deposit.

A pioneer in the establishment of rental income for retirement in Ontario since 1982, Plum Financial Group unique approach to setting up this type of personal retirement income for individuals has a proven track record.

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Our Vision

We believe that clients own and hold the exclusive rights to their financial security and future. We utilize a proprietary approach in providing clients with an analysis of their optimum investment opportunities and in creating lifetime income.

The overall investment advantages are:

  • Hassle-free
  • Reduced risk (the risk is shared by all investors equally)
  • The investment is geared for safe, long-term growth
  • With the rental and repair pooling system (see our services for property administration in Ottawa) you are able to achieve consistent cash flow even when properties experience vacancy or need major/minor repairs.)
If you work for an employer, you may receive a pension upon retirement. Likely you’ve been told that on this pension, you will have to survive upon a reduced income. Are you self-employed? If so, you most likely do not have a retirement plan. We create an additional supplementary rental income so that you retire in style as opposed to poverty. 

It is vital to get started immediately on creating your own Personal Retirement Income. We will help create a Personal Retirement Plan by doing a FREE Personal Financial Consultation for individuals involving the most appropriate savings or investment strategies for that specific individual’s life and retirement goals. We are dedicated to maintaining the most current information on tax laws, investment options, and economic research to aid in this specialized approach.

Plum Financial Group offers investors an opportunity to purchase residential condominium units in the City of Ottawa as investment properties in order to create their own personal rental income. Centa Real Estate Ltd. provides investors with certain financial and real estate management services in connection with the acquisition and management of residential condominium units as an investment property

At Plum Financial Group, we believe that in this day and age, finding answers from professionals should be something simple and accessible to everyone.

If you would like to make an appointment for a Free Personal Financial Consultation, we will analyze your present financial investments, identify any errors and show you how to correct them. We will show you the way to financial independence.

To make an appointment, simply fill out the form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible at the email address or phone number you provide.